About This Course

Starting a business can be exciting but also challenging. It's important that we understand the basic nuts and bolts to starting a business before launching out. Luke 14:28, English Standard Version, reads, "For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?" This course covers three points in relation to starting a business. 1. Identifying the why. 2. Understanding the many facets of the business world. 3. Understanding the costs and investment.


Pastor & Entrepreneur

TrVera Williams

A native of Jamestown South Carolina, Pastor TrVera L Williams, is the youngest of 6 siblings. She received her spiritual guidance growing up in Jehovah Holiness Church, Shulerville, South Carolina. She was very active in Youth Ministry, Music Ministry and Oratorical Activities. After receiving her Bachelor of Science from Newberry College, she relocated to Greenville SC for the distance satellite program through MUSC. While in Greenville in addition to being in Medical School, she assisted with various ministries. She worked with both youth and adults. Pastor Williams has been instrumental in revamping music departments, helping with vision teams, assisting in counseling capacities, working with the altar ministry, and community outreach. After receiving her Masters in Rehabilitation Science and Physical therapy, she remained in Greenville and worked in several different health care settings. In 2004, TrVera founded Serenity Rehab and Wellness Center, a Physical therapy facility in and continued to run this establishment until the Lord led her to transition into full-time ministry in April 2015. After working in the entrepreneur arena as well as continuing with the ministry, God led her to attend Trinity Seminary and Theological School where she has already completed a Certification in Biblical Counseling. While operating Serenity through the leading of the Holy Spirit, TrVera became an Ordained Elder and was installed as Pastor. In November 2013, she founded U Turn for Christ Evangelistic Ministries, Inc., a Non-denominational church, located in the Berea area of Greenville. She emphasizes the spirit of excellence in the church and in the community. In addition to pastoring and business development, she is a singer, a songwriter, an author, a musician, a mentor, and an entrepreneur. TrVera has had one of her poems published in 2005, in the Book “Great Poems of the Western World.” In 2009, Her Song Entitled “Renew” was included and published in the HillTop Praise and Worship Songbook in 2009. In 2017, she continued in this area and became the Author of “A Journey with a Promise,” book of poems as well as recording an Inspirational Scripture and Prayer CD, entitled, “Worship in the Word with Anointed Keys.” She is in the process of finishing her 2nd book which will be completed in 2020. No matter what academia or politics brings, TrVera, was brought up on this Scripture: “Seek ye 1st the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” She is determined that no degree, titles, or positions, can take the place of God being 1st and foremost in her life. Contact information Email: tlwanointedhandsministries@gmail.com you can like and follow our church page U Turn for Christ Evangelistic ministries. You can message me on messenger as well.