About This Program

The Advanced Worship and Arts Ministry Certificate Program examines a more in depth study of the beliefs, practices, gifts, and callings for those who primarily use their creativity in a worship environment or the general public. Students will study Aesthetics, Apologetics, Homiletics, and Spiritual Gifts. This program includes online coursework, videos from CMBA Instructors, and supplemental seminary level content specific to worship and the arts. At the end of this program students will have a solid understanding of beauty and art, defending faith, the art of preaching and teaching, and how to exercise their natural and spiritual gifts, for the glory of God, in a worship environment or the general public.


In order to enroll in this course you must have completed one of our three introductory certificate programs:

  • Introduction to General Ministry

  • Introduction to Worship and Arts Ministry

  • Introduction to Business and Marketplace Ministry

Course Topics

Topics for this certificate program include:

  • Prophetic Worship

  • Aesthetics (Beauty & Art)

  • Apologetics (Defending the Faith)

  • Homiletics (Preparation and Presentation)

  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Textbook For This Program

The required textbook for this course is Prophetic Worship, by Vivien Hibbert. Students are encouraged to purchase this book at least two weeks before the start of your certificate program. Book can be ordered on Amazon.com.