About This Course

Whether it's praying for individuals, families, churches, businesses, cities, regions, or the country, when an intercessor prays, something happens. This 40 minute course will introduce you to the basic principles of intercession and the role of the intercessor as a member in the body of Christ. This course is required for members of our GO PRAY Team.

In this course, Adrienne will provide:

  • Definitions for Intercession

  • Characteristics of an Intercessor

  • The five ways to access the presence of God for Intercession

Bonus Material

Micro-Training Session & Course Summary Notes Included

This course includes a bonus micro-training exercise. Follow along with Adrienne as she teaches you how to increase your impact in the ministry of intercession using biblical scripture. Download course summary & notes.

GO PRAY Certificate

Upon completion of this course students will receive a certificate. This certificate is required to join our GO PRAY Team.


Image & Brand Strategist

Adrienne Young

Known for her real, radical, and relevant style of delivery, The Brand & Image Strategist Adrienne Young partners with global corporations to help them show up in a B.I.G. way with their Brand and Image leading to Growth in their business and visibility in the community. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Masters of Education in School Counseling and is pursuing her Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies at Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity. Adrienne is the founder and Visionary of Remnant Warriors Global, Inc. a nonprofit that helps women and girls know how powerful they are in God and to walk in their kingdom authority. Their Women Who War Facebook community of over 7,000 women from 10 countries meets online weekly for prayer and Bible study. She is the author of three number one Amazon Best Sellers: ​Don’t Go Thrifting Without Me, Women Who War: Wives Warring For Their Marriage, and ​Declare & Establish: A Guide to Creating Declarations. Adrienne and Eddie reside in Fort Mill, SC with their two sons. They host FourEver Young TV, a Facebook live that empowers relationships and marriages. Whether she is strategizing in the boardroom, giving captivating keynote speeches, or ministering the Word, any encounter with Adrienne will inspire you to be present in your purpose.