About This Course

Poor money management can interfere with the effectiveness of your mobile ministry. Although we believe the Lord will provide for us financially during our journey we also understand that we must be good stewards over all that He has provided. In this 1 hour course, guest instructor Jevertus Burnett who will share tips for managing your money on the "GO." The lord has commissioned this ministry to help the body of Christ prepare for the next dispensation of the church. That includes, financial preparation.

Topics of Discussion

  • Groundwork (Stewardship)

  • Practical Unpracticed Principles

  • Give (Sowing Seed)

  • Why We Need Debt Freedom & Mobile Ministry

About the Instructor

Associate Partner at Reveal Wealth

Jevertus Burnett

Father | Husband | Founder of Black Wealth Summit | Assoc. Partner of Reveal Wealth | Wealth Management Maven | Real Estate Investor | Don’t Build Wealth Alone, Build Together